College & Campus speakers

Cecil Martin Speaker
Cecil Martin
Sports commentator and former NFL athlete
Chris Hughes Speaker
Chris Hughes
Co-founder of Facebook
Ken Carter Speaker
Ken Carter
Famous Basketball Coach & Youth Mentor
Matthew Hoffman Speaker
Matthew Hoffman
Founder, You Are Beautiful
Michio Kaku Speaker
Michio Kaku
World Leading Populariser of Science
Jared Diamond Speaker
Jared Diamond
Professor of Geography, UCLA
Jonathon Porritt Speaker
Jonathon Porritt
Co-Founder, Forum for the Future
Astrid S. Tuminez Speaker
Astrid S. Tuminez
Vice-Dean, National University of Singapore
Dambisa Moyo Speaker
Dambisa Moyo
Expert on the Macroeconomy & Global Affairs
Michael Johnson Speaker
Michael Johnson
Olympic Gold Medallist & Sprinting Legend
Leymah Gbowee Speaker
Leymah Gbowee
Leading Voice on Women's Rights & Peace
Charles Adler Speaker
Charles Adler Speaker
Charles Adler
Co-founder, Kickstarter
Mike Abrashoff Speaker
Mike Abrashoff
Former Commander, USS Benfold Navy Ship
Mayim Bialik Speaker
Mayim Bialik
American Actress & Author
James Rosenquist Speaker
James Rosenquist
Legendary American Artist
Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Bell Hooks Speaker
Bell Hooks
Cultural Critic & Feminist Theorist
Kirby Ferguson Speaker
Kirby Ferguson
Viral Film Producer
Sonia Nazario Speaker
Sonia Nazario
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer
Joel Salatin Speaker
Joel Salatin
Sustainability & Food Policy Expert

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