Cities-Real Estate speakers

Agnis Stibe Speaker
Agnis Stibe
Expertise on Transformation and Change
Egypt Sherrod Speaker
Egypt Sherrod
HGTV Host, Lifestyle Humorist, Real Estate Broker and Author
Lara Setrakian Speaker
Lara Setrakian
Journalist and Trust Expert
Antony Slumbers Speaker
Antony Slumbers
Develops online services and products within the commercial real estate sector
Hannah Fry Speaker
Hannah Fry
Author, Broadcaster and Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities - UCL
Mark Davy Speaker
Mark Davy
Specialist on urban innovation and cultural branding
Ron Sims Speaker
Ron Sims
Former Deputy Secretary for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Mike Rann Speaker
Mike Rann
Expert on strategy, global trade and revitilising cities
Nagy Hanna Speaker
Nagy Hanna
Expert on Digital Transformation
Christian Wolmar Speaker
Christian Wolmar
Expert on Transportation
Ben Lucas Speaker
Ben Lucas
Expert on the Future of Cities
Ian Goldin Speaker
Ian Goldin
Expert on the Future of Finance, Risk & Markets
Michael Pawlyn Speaker
Michael Pawlyn
Architect & Sustainability Leader
Charlie Luxton Speaker
Charlie Luxton
Promoter of Sustainable Development
Isher Judge Ahluwalia Speaker
Isher Judge Ahluwalia
Indian Economist & Expert on Urbanisation
Gabe Klein Speaker
Gabe Klein
Former Commissioner of the Chicago & Washington DC Departments of Transportation
Steve Rayner Speaker
Steve Rayner
Leading expert on cities, innovation, technology and climate change
Jeremy Rifkin Speaker
Jeremy Rifkin
Leading expert on global energy policy
Ayesha Khanna Speaker
Ayesha Khanna
Expert on the Global Economic & Political Impact of New Technology
Richard Florida Speaker
Richard Florida
Economic Innovator & World Leading Urbanist