Central Banking speakers

Sasha Qadri Speaker
Sasha Qadri
Sasha Qadri, a distinguished presenter and moderator, has anchored for global networks like Sky, CNN, and Bloomberg.
Russell Jones Speaker
Russell Jones
Former Chief Economist at Lehman Brothers
Meredith Whitney Speaker
Meredith Whitney
Acclaimed Financial Analyst and “Oracle of Wall Street"
Esther George Speaker
Esther George
Former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Viral Acharya Speaker
Viral Acharya
Former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India
Justin Yifu Lin Speaker
Justin Yifu Lin
China’s most prominent and influential economist, former chief economist and senior vice-president of the World Bank
Richard Koo Speaker
Richard Koo
Chief Economist at Nomura Research Institute
Chris Giles Speaker
Chris Giles
Economics Commentator, Financial Times. Hon. Professor of Practice at UCL Policy Lab.
Susannah Streeter Speaker
Susannah Streeter
Expert moderator and event host