Central Banking speakers

Axel Weber Speaker
Axel Weber Speaker
Axel Weber
Chairman of the Board of Directors - UBS Group AG (2012 - 2022), Member of the European Central Bank Governing Council (2004 - 2011)
Maurice Obstfeld Speaker
Maurice Obstfeld
Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund (2015-2018)
Ashoka Mody Speaker
Ashoka Mody
Economist & Author
Minouche Shafik Speaker
Minouche Shafik
Youngest Vice President in the history of the World Bank
Rodrigo de Rato Speaker
Rodrigo de Rato
Former Managing Director, IMF
Carmen Reinhart Speaker
Carmen Reinhart
Chief Economist, World Bank 2020-2022 Harvard University Economist
Otmar Issing Speaker
Otmar Issing
Former Chief Economist, European Central Bank
Jürgen Stark Speaker
Jürgen Stark
Former Chief Economist, European Central Bank
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi Speaker
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
Former member, ECB Executive Board
Mario Monti Speaker
Mario Monti
International Statesman - Prime Minister of Italy (2011-2013)
Daniel Tarullo Speaker
Daniel Tarullo
Former member of the Federal Reserve Board
Danny Quah Speaker
Danny Quah
Professor in Economics, National University of Singapore and Expert in Economic Growth
Elizabeth Duke Speaker
Elizabeth Duke
Former Governor of the Federal Reserve
Frederic Mishkin Speaker
Frederic Mishkin
Professor of Banking, Columbia
Harvey Rosenblum Speaker
Harvey Rosenblum
Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Rakesh Mohan Speaker
Rakesh Mohan
India's Executive Director, IMF
Donald Kohn Speaker
Donald Kohn
Former Vice Chairman, The Federal Reserve
Joseph Stiglitz Speaker
Joseph Stiglitz
Winner, Nobel Prize in Economics
J. Bradford DeLong Speaker
J. Bradford DeLong
Economic Historian and Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley
Steve Eisman Speaker
Steve Eisman
Financial Analyst and Investment Strategist