Business speakers

Kevin Gaskell Speaker
Kevin Gaskell
Active Investor & Leadership Expert
Michael Forsyth Speaker
Michael Forsyth
Expert on the Future of the United Kingdom
Manley Hopkinson Speaker
Manley Hopkinson
Authority on "Compassionate Leadership"
Sahar Hashemi Speaker
Sahar Hashemi
Thought leader on entrepreneurial behaviour in large organisations
Priya Lakhani Speaker
Priya Lakhani
Ambitious & Creative Entrepreneur 
Ben Lucas Speaker
Ben Lucas
Expert on the Future of Cities
Leon McCarron Speaker
Leon McCarron
Adventurer & Filmmaker For National Geographic
Nev Wilshire Speaker
Nev Wilshire
Founding CEO, Save Britain Money group
Pete Cohen Speaker
Pete Cohen
Leading Corporate Performance Speaker
Thor Bjorgolfsson Speaker
Thor Bjorgolfsson
Billionaire & Entrepreneur
Pierre Noël
Leading Energy Market & Policy Analyst
Richard Thaler Speaker
Richard Thaler
Co-author of the Global Best-seller, "Nudge" (2008)
Xavier Hughes Speaker
Xavier Hughes
Chief Innovation Officer, US Department of Labor
Hung Huang Speaker
Hung Huang
One of China’s Most Popular Microbloggers
Rachel Botsman Speaker
Rachel Botsman Speaker
Rachel Botsman
Trust Expert, Author and Oxford University Lecturer
Rupert Merson Speaker
Rupert Merson
Authority on Business Growth
Harry Korine Speaker
Harry Korine
Expert on Corporate Governance & Strategy Development
Bernhard Kerres Speaker
Bernhard Kerres
Expert Speaker on Music & Management
Tom Deans Speaker
Tom Deans
Thought Leader on Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
Juliette Johnson Speaker
Juliette Johnson
Experienced Family Business Adviser

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