Arts, Literature & History speakers

Tatiana de Rosnay Speaker
Tatiana de Rosnay
Popular French Journalist & Writer
John Fund Speaker
John Fund
Senior Editor, The American Spectator
Rory Stewart Speaker
Rory Stewart
Best-selling Author, Historian & Adventurer
Stephen Bayley Speaker
Stephen Bayley
Leading expert on design & brands
Kirby Ferguson Speaker
Kirby Ferguson
Viral Film Producer
Gretchen Morgenson Speaker
Gretchen Morgenson
Senior Financial Reporter, WSJ
Ed Klein Speaker
Ed Klein
New York Times Best-selling Author
Sonia Nazario Speaker
Sonia Nazario
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer
Brad Meltzer Speaker
Brad Meltzer
Author of Multiple Best-Selling Books
Cal Thomas Speaker
Cal Thomas
Acclaimed News Panelist & Author
Scott Rasmussen Speaker
Scott Rasmussen
Premier Network and Cable News Commentator
Joel Salatin Speaker
Joel Salatin
Sustainability & Food Policy Expert
Michael Shermer Speaker
Michael Shermer
Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine
Alberto Alessi Speaker
Alberto Alessi
Acclaimed Industrial Design Manager
Marlo Thomas Speaker
Marlo Thomas
American Actress, Producer & Social Activist
Nikki Giovanni Speaker
Nikki Giovanni
Renowned Poet
Robert Ballard Speaker
Robert Ballard
Ocean Explorer & Underwater Archaeologist

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