Arts, Literature & History

Within the Arts, Literature and History exists an immense body of work that enables us to understand the world we live in today and how it has been shaped. With speakers who are specialists on cultural trends and vital social issues, such as diversity and human rights we can challenge conventional thought and explore alternative ways of thinking. With world-leading historians, revered authors, traditional and modern artists our Arts, Literature & History Speakers present on their areas of expertise to inform and inspire clients and their businesses.

Exclusive Arts, Literature & History speakers

Francis Wolff Speaker
Francis Wolff
French Philosopher and Author
Jimmy Chamberlin Speaker
Jimmy Chamberlin
Legendary musician and tech entrepreneur
Kirby Ferguson Speaker
Kirby Ferguson
Viral Film Producer
Jane Green Speaker
Jane Green
New York Times Best-Selling Author and TV and Radio Contributor
Bernardine Evaristo Speaker
Bernardine Evaristo
Booker Prize Winner 2019, Sunday Times Bestseller
David Lough Speaker
David Lough
Jeff Benedict Speaker
Jeff Benedict
Best-Selling Author & Special Features Writer, Sports Illustrated
Elin Hilderbrand Speaker
Elin Hilderbrand
NY Times Best-Selling Author & Cancer Survivor
Lucy Hawking Speaker
Lucy Hawking
Influential Populariser of Science
Joel Salatin Speaker
Joel Salatin
Sustainability & Food Policy Expert


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Noreena Hertz hosts UCL's Campaign Launch - 'How Will Society Survive Into The 22nd Century?'
Rachel Botsman talks trusting strangers at TEDSummit 2016
Chartwell Events: 'The World, but not as we have known it' with Chris Parry

Arts, Literature & History speakers

Will Gompertz Speaker
Will Gompertz
BBC Arts Editor
Giles Duley Speaker
Giles Duley
Award-Winning Humanitarian Photographer
Yuval Noah Harari Speaker
Yuval Noah Harari
Expert on World History
Matthew Syed Speaker
Matthew Syed
Award-winning Sports Journalist
Alan Levinovitz Speaker
Alan Levinovitz
Philosopher of 'Naturalness'
Elif Shafak Speaker
Elif Shafak
Turkey's Best-selling Female Author.
Ruth E. Carter Speaker
Ruth E. Carter
Academy Award-Nominated Costume Designe; Best Known for Her Work on "Selma" & Marvel's "Black Panther"
Jude Kelly Speaker
Jude Kelly
Foremost thought leaders on gender, creativity, diversity and inclusion
David Lough Speaker
David Lough
Sonita Alleyne Speaker
Sonita Alleyne
Master of Jesus College, Cambridge
Ada Calhoun Speaker
Ada Calhoun
Award-Winning Journalist and Author of New York Times Bestseller “Why We Can’t Sleep” (2020)
Georgina Godwin Speaker
Georgina Godwin
Accomplished Speaker on geopolitics and skilled moderator
Bernardine Evaristo Speaker
Bernardine Evaristo
Booker Prize Winner 2019, Sunday Times Bestseller
Holly Branson Speaker
Holly Branson
Senior Executive at The Virgin Group
William Dalrymple Speaker
William Dalrymple
Scottish Historian Writer, Curator, Art Historian
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker
Ed Newton-Rex
Artificial Intelligence in Music Expert, Keynote Speaker
Michael Shnayerson Speaker
Michael Shnayerson
Contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine
Francis Wolff Speaker
Francis Wolff
French Philosopher and Author
Jessica Lauretti Speaker
Jessica Lauretti
Award-Winning Creative Director and Executive Producer
Janine di Giovanni Speaker
Janine di Giovanni
Award winning author and foreign policy analyst

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