History, Arts & Literary speakers

Theo Thomas Speaker
Theo Thomas
Keynote speaker on clean water, rivers and environment
Emma Bache Speaker
Emma Bache
Graphologist and UK's leading handwriting expert
Robert Livingston Speaker
Robert Livingston
Author and Speaker on race, leadership and social justice
Bruce Dickinson Speaker
Bruce Dickinson
Author of Sunday Times #1 bestseller and lead singer of Iron Maiden
Fagun Thakrar Speaker
Fagun Thakrar
Actor, Director, and Social Entrepreneur
Zoe speaking at event
Zoe Strimpel Speaker
Zoe Strimpel
Historian, author, newspaper columnist and broadcaster, specialising in gender, relationships and feminism
Conrad Black Speaker
Conrad Black
Founder of the National Post
James Glancy diving
James Glancy Speaker
James Glancy
Filmmaker, wildlife conservationist and former Royal Marines Commando officer
Glennon Doyle Speaker
Glennon Doyle
Author and activist known for her #1 New York Times bestsellers Untamed and Love Warrior
Nahum performing
Nahum Speaker
Internationally renowned artist and first person to launch an interactive artwork to space
June Sarpong Speaker
June Sarpong
British TV Presenter and award-winning author.
Bradley Hope Speaker
Bradley Hope
Co-Author, New York Times bestseller 'Billion Dollar Whale'
Sonita Alleyne Speaker
Sonita Alleyne
Master of Jesus College, Cambridge
Ada Calhoun Speaker
Ada Calhoun
Award-Winning Journalist and Author of New York Times Bestseller “Why We Can’t Sleep” (2020)
max dickens speaking
Max Dickins Speaker
Max Dickins
Author of 'Billy No Mates'
Holly Branson Speaker
Holly Branson
Senior Executive at The Virgin Group
Alan Levinovitz Speaker
Alan Levinovitz
Philosopher of 'Naturalness'
William Dalrymple Speaker
William Dalrymple
Scottish Historian Writer, Curator, Art Historian
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker
Ed Newton-Rex
Artificial Intelligence in Music Expert, Keynote Speaker
Michael Shnayerson Speaker
Michael Shnayerson
Contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine