AI – Emerging Tech speakers

ciaran martin on panel
Ciaran Martin Speaker
Ciaran Martin
First CEO of National Cyber Security Centre
Jonas Kjellberg Speaker
Jonas Kjellberg
Co-Founder of Skype and digital transformation expert
Koen Schobbers speaking
Koen Schobbers Speaker
Koen Schobbers
Gaming and esports expert
Pascal Bornet speaking
Pascal Bornet Speaker
Pascal Bornet
AI expert and member of Forbes Technology Council
Shazeda Ahmed Speaker
Shazeda Ahmed
Expert on China's social credit system
Elin Hauge speaking
Elin Hauge Speaker
Elin Hauge
Futurist and speaker on artificial intelligence
Xiaowei R. Wang Speaker
Xiaowei R. Wang
Artist, Writer, Organizer, Coder and Author of 'Blockchain Chicken Farm'
Azeem Azhar Speaker
Azeem Azhar
Speaker on the intersection of technology and society
Brian McBride Speaker
Brian McBride
A global digital, retail and leadership legend
Charles d’Haussy Speaker
Charles d’Haussy
Managing Director at ConsenSys and digital currency expert
Joy Buolamwini speaking
Joy Buolamwini Speaker
Joy Buolamwini
Poet of Code and Expert of AI Discrimination
Georgie Barrat Speaker
Georgie Barrat
Presenter on The Gadget Show (2017-present) and well-known technology journalist
John Sanei headshot
John Sanei Speaker
John Sanei
Specialist in Human Science, Neuroscience, Quantum Technology, Futurism and Business Strategy & Associate Partner, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Leonard Brody Speaker
Leonard Brody
Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and media visionary.
Anne-Marie Imafidon Speaker
Anne-Marie Imafidon
Co-Founder, award-winning social enterprise, Stemettes
Josh Klein
Josh Klein Speaker
Josh Klein
Passionate hacker of all things and expert on emerging technologies
Daniel Hulme Speaker
Daniel Hulme
Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Future Technologies
Kirk Borne Speaker
Kirk Borne
Award-winning global expert in AI and all aspect of Data Science
Fox Harrell Speaker
Fox Harrell
Director of the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality
Anders Sorman-Nilsson Speaking Event
Anders Sorman-Nilsson Speaker
Anders Sorman-Nilsson
Global futurist and innovation strategist