AI – Emerging Tech speakers

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Speaker
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Human-AI expert, psychologist, author and entrepreneur
Chris Fox Speaker
Chris Fox
Technology presenter and journalist
Aza Raskin Speaker
Aza Raskin
Cofounder for The Earth Species Project (ESP) and cofounder of Center for Humane Technology - Entrepreneur
Mark Mills speaking
Mark P. Mills Speaker
Mark P. Mills
Expert on Energy Transitions and Emerging Technologies
Koen Kas speaking
Koen Kas Speaker
Koen Kas
Healthcare futurist & entrepreneur
Shivvy Jervis Speaker
Shivvy Jervis
Expert in Digital Innovation
Marina Bill Speaker
Marina Bill
President of the International Federation of Robotics
Ai-Da Speaker
Ai-Da Speaker
World's First Ultra-realistic Robot Artist, First Humanoid to Paint Queen Elizabeth II, TEDx Presenter of "The Intersection of Art and AI."
Pranav Mistry Speaker
Pranav Mistry Speaker
Pranav Mistry
Computer Scientist, Inventor, Futurist and Visionary Innovator, Former President and CEO - STAR Labs (2012-21), Founder and CEO - TWO
Amanda Johnstone Speaker
Amanda Johnstone
Technologist, inventor and investor in emerging technologies
Evan Selinger speaking
Evan Selinger Speaker
Evan Selinger
Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, specialising in tech ethics
cindy chin
Cindy Chin Speaker
Cindy Chin
Tech and AI expert
Gregory Robinson Speaker
Gregory Robinson
Space expert and former Deputy Chief Engineer at NASA (2005-2013)
issi romem
Issi Romem Speaker
Issi Romem
Founder of MetroSight, an intelligence company
Daniel Thomas Speaker
Daniel Thomas
Executive News Editor at Financial Times
Kiran Gange Speaker
Kiran Gange
CEO and founder at AI-based company
Nina Schick Speaker
Nina Schick
Author of "Deep Fakes" and advisor on Generative AI
Max Tegmark Speaker
Max Tegmark Speaker
Max Tegmark
Professor of Physics & AI Research - MIT, President of Future of Life Institute and Scientific Director of Foundational Questions Institute, Author of "Our Mathematical Universe" and "Life 3.0"
Philip Rosedale Speaker
Philip Rosedale
Founder of Second Life
Riana Lynn Speaker
Riana Lynn
Entrepreneur and food technologist