AI – Emerging Tech speakers

Mike Evans Speaker
Mike Evans
Leading Authority for Accountability, Change & Optimal Performance
Richard Susskind Speaker
Richard Susskind
Expert on the Future of Professional Services
Daisy Ginsberg in garden
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg Speaker
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Artist and writer
Lars Hamberg Speaker
Lars Hamberg
AI and financial industry expert
Rachel Botsman header
Rachel Botsman Speaker
Rachel Botsman
Global Trust Expert, and Oxford University Lecturer
Jim Carroll Speaker
Jim Carroll
Global Futurist, Business Trends, Leadership & Innovation Expert
Sougwen Chung
Sougwen Chung Speaker
Sougwen Chung
Pioneering Artist in Human & Machine Collaboration
Nigel Shadbolt Speaker
Nigel Shadbolt
Professor of Computing Science, University of Oxford
Chris Holmes speaker
Chris Holmes Speaker
Chris Holmes
Successful Paralympic swimmer, Policy maker and inspirational speaker
Ayesha Khanna Speaker
Ayesha Khanna
Expert on the Global Economic & Political Impact of New Technology
David Rowan Speaker
David Rowan
Founding Editor-in-chief, WIRED magazine UK