Adventure & Sports speakers

Cynthia (Cynt) Marshall Speaker
Cynthia (Cynt) Marshall
CEO of the Dallas Mavericks
Johnny Quinn Speaker
Johnny Quinn
Former U.S. Olympian & Pro Athlete
Gareth Thomas Speaker
Gareth Thomas
Former Welsh Rugby Captain, former British and Irish Lions Captain and Author, ‘Stronger’, his book on living with HIV
Nicola Adams Speaker
Nicola Adams
Former professional boxer with two Olympic gold medals
Leonard Brody Speaker
Leonard Brody
Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and media visionary.
Cath Bishop Speaker
Cath Bishop Speaker
Cath Bishop
Olympic Rower, Former British Diplomat and Author, ‘The Long Win: The search for a better way to succeed’
Ash Alexander-Cooper Speaker
Ash Alexander-Cooper Speaker
Ash Alexander-Cooper
Former specialist military unit Colonel in the British Armed Forces
Fabien Cousteau Speaker
Fabien Cousteau Speaker
Fabien Cousteau
Leading Aquanaut & Founder of Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center
Alex Scott Speaker
Alex Scott
Former Captain for Arsenal and England Centurion, football pundit and television presenter
John Amaechi Speaker
John Amaechi
Keynote speaker on leadership and creating high performance organisations
Laticia Jackson Speaker
Laticia Jackson
Olympian & Survivor of Domestic Violence
Steve Emt Speaker
Steve Emt
US Curling Paralympian, and Specialist in Overcoming Adversity
Wendy Searle Speaker
Wendy Searle
Adventurer, mother of four - skied solo & unsupported to the South Pole
Andre Agassi Speaker
Andre Agassi
Tennis Legend & Philanthropist
Kenton Cool Speaker
Kenton Cool Speaker
Kenton Cool
World-leading high-altitude climber
Ai Futaki Speaker
Ai Futaki
Double Guinness World Record-holder for the longest distances swam in one breath
Arsene Wenger Speaker
Arsene Wenger
Legendary football coach
James Wilks Speaker
James Wilks
Director and star of 'The Game Changers'
Mark Agnew Speaker
Mark Agnew
Sports & Adventure Editor at the South China Morning Post
Ash Smith Speaker
Ash Smith
Former Coach to International Class Athletes