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Catching up with Richard Shirreff

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
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Richard ShirreffAbout Richard Shirreff:

Richard Shirreff has over 37 years of experience as an international leader and commander with exceptional diplomatic, managerial and political skills. Until July 2014 he was a member of NATO’s strategic command group and deputy to NATO’s US strategic commander with specific responsibility for engaging closely with theatre/operational commanders and Allied/Coalition nations to ensure integration of ends, ways, and means in the pursuit of policy; the essence of strategy. As Operation Commander of the EU Operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he redesigned strategy and achieved buy-in from EU Policy Security Committee and EU Foreign Ministers.


Richard’s Latest news:

  • Richard’s recent book ‘2017: War with Russia’ became a best-seller in the UK and has since been translated into eight languages. It is a thriller which outlines the danger posed by a resurgent Russia, NATO’s weaknesses, the inadequacies of UK defence and the imperative of sustained US engagement in European defence.
  • Richard is founding partner of Strategia Worldwide, launched in Feb 2016. The business protects value by understanding risk and designing strategy to manage it. This means understanding the relationships between risk and applying a comprehensive approach. The company has achieved significant traction in a number of sectors, particularly in the extractives industry with a major project in Latin America for the No 1 global gold miner which helped that company through an existential crisis.
  • Richard has spoken at a number of events on the relevance of the military approach to risk management in the boardroom. His approach has also attracted some media attention. 

Speaking Topics:

  • Risk Management
  • Risk management thought leadership
  • Leadership and Governance/avoidance of Corporate catastrophe/beyond compliance. 


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