Britain now needs to grow its own Google

"Britain now needs to grow its own Googles" argues innovation expert Matt Ridley

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Matt Ridley, a leading innovation speaker and best-selling author, has written in The Times that “Britain now needs to grow its own Googles.” He argues that “only high-tech innovation will give us the cash to fund our future…yet innovation has featured in this general election barely at all.”

Matt explains that “technological change is the chief reason that economic growth for the world as a whole shows no sign of reaching a plateau, but keeps marching up at 3-5 per cent a year.” Therefore, the topic of innovation as an engine of progress should appeal to both parties.

For those on the right, Matt demonstrates how “innovation holds by far the best chance to keep pushing down the cost and pushing up the quality of public services, so lifting the burden of taxes and liberating people from dependence on government.” For those on the left, he discusses how “innovation is a great demolisher of inequality.”

Matt warns that if “innovation grinds to a halt then so will growth and deficit reduction and the rise of the NHS budget and all the other things the leaders talk about.”

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