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Bill Emmott: Greeks should be made to feel welcome

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

As rumours continue to rumble that Greece’s Euro exit is inevitable, Bill Emmott in The Times warns Britain not to appear too unwelcoming to any Greeks who subsequently arrive on its shores. This follow comments by Home Secretary Theresa May that emergency  immigration controls could be imposed to limit the number of Greeks (and citizens from other struggling EU counties) who come to the UK.

“This whole idea is damaging to our reputation and our allies were in trouble, we would slam the door in their faces. It also says, arrogantly, that we assume London is the only, or the main place, that EU citizens might try to move to, rather than Paris or Berlin, so we won’t stary by working out in co-operation with them how to manage things. Finally, it says incredibly, that the Tory-led Government of a country “open for business” would anyway rather not have an influx of mostly well-educated people, many of whom really would be fleeing with their money.”