BBC’s top international news correspondents look ahead to the major geopolitical developments in 2015

BBC Radio 4’s annual prediction fest, moderated by veteran political journalist Mark Mardell, looks ahead to the major geopolitical developments in 2015.

Trying to guess what disruptions might be in store on the global stage is certainly a risky game; after all, no-one last year saw the rise of the Islamic State, the annexation of Crimea or the Ebola outbreak. Nonetheless, Mark invites the BBC’s top international news correspondents to discuss the major news stories to come in 2015, the people to watch out for, and the elements that will shape the year ahead.

He is joined by chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet, China editor Carrie Gracie, business editor Kamal Ahmed and diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall.

What will happen in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine – and how will it affect the rest of us in Europe? Will Britain and other Western nations succeed in stopping the advance of the group calling itself Islamic State – and which other countries’ help will they need to obtain? What are the prospects for the global economy? And how will China flex its muscles on the international stage?

Click here to listen to the episode.

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