Bjørn Lomborg on the best ways to fight extreme poverty

Jul 23, 2015

Adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, Bjørn Lomborg, writes for Project Syndicate about how we can help fight extreme poverty. Lomborg cites South Korea’s significant per capita income growth since 1950 as an example of what we should try and emulate in order to help the world’s poorest countries. Many of the United Nations’ proposed 169

Allister Heath urges BBC “Ditch the licence fee and compete for audiences”

Jul 17, 2015

Allister Heath is a widely renowned commentator on the UK and European economies. Writing for The Telegraph, Allister Heath argues the impact of the licence fee on the future of the BCC. Health explains that the BBC could enjoy a great future selling British programming all over the world, if they were to embrace a radical change. During

Brian Forde joins the MIT Media Lab as director of digital currency

Jul 7, 2015

Brian Forde, the former White House senior advisor for mobile and data innovation, has joined the MIT Media Lab as director of digital currency. In this newly created position, Brian will coordinate a broad research initiative focused on creating safe, stable and secure digital currencies. During his time at the White House, Brian was key to creating the

Jim O’Neill urges “Current antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective”

Jul 1, 2015

Writing for Project Syndicate, Jim O’Neill, Chairman of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), discusses the state of current antibiotics, and the G-7’s commitment to tackling AMR. O’Neill argues that current antibiotics are becoming ineffective, especially when fighting common illnesses, as well as serious infections, and the more serious infections such as tuberculosis and malaria are now at

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