Erik Wahl outlines the five traits of creative leaders

Aug 18, 2015

Writing for Fast Company, internationally recognised artist, and best-selling author Erik Wahl outlines the five traits of creative leaders, and how to become one. As the number of people who are becoming self-employed is growing, it is a sign that more people are comfortable taking leadership into their own hands. Wahl believes that becoming a successful

NY Times best-selling author Matt Ridley discusses the green scare problem

Aug 14, 2015

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, best-selling author Matt Ridley discusses the green scare problem, and the danger of raising constant alarms. He explains a few of the environmental threats over the past few decades that have been greatly exaggerated, and the ultimate expense of Obama’s plan to cut carbon-dioxide emissions, which could cost the U.S. up

Exclusive speaker Shaka Senghor featured in Oprah Magazine

Aug 13, 2015

Founder of the Atonement Project, Director of Strategy for #Cut50, and author Shaka Senghor was recently interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, and featured in the September Edition of Oprah Magazine. Shaka’s memoir, “Writing My Wrongs (2013),” shares the story of his experience as a former inmate, while serving 19 years in prison. Oprah mentions in the article, that

Dambisa Moyo shares a marshall plan for the United States

Aug 7, 2015

Writing for Project Syndicate, Dambisa Moyo addresses the US infrastructure problem, such as the lack of spending on roads, airports, railways, telecommunication networks and power generation. Moyo urges that the problem can no longer be ignored, and the US needs to be spending money to help rebuild our infrastructure. In neglecting the necessary ongoing investments needed

Curtis S. Chin on China and it’s AIIB partners

Jul 31, 2015

The former US ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, Curtis S. Chin, writes for the South China Morning Post about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Curtis explains that the AIIB could bring about the evolution towards better relations between Beijing and it’s many neighbours and trading partners. There has been some trouble getting support from

Kemal Derviş analyses: “Is Uber a Threat to Democracy?”

Jul 24, 2015

Vice President of the Brookings Institute, and distinguished Turkish economist, Kemal Derviş discusses Uber, and other disruptive companies in our technologically advanced society. The Rencontres Économiques forum recently convened for their annual meeting, the timing of which coincided with a debate in France about the ride-sharing service, Uber. The forums theme was selected in response to concerns that technological advances

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