Asian insights

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

I recently returned from Hong Kong and Singapore, where I spent time with James Loudon, our partner in Shanghai and Claire Ngo, our partner in Singapore. Together we had 30 meetings with Asia-based speakers and clients.

It was a fascinating though exhausting trip; good to spend time in two very exciting cities, and to see the world from Asia.

There was – unsurprisingly – growing frustration with the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone. Europe’s slow-down is beginning to threaten Asia’s growth rates, and this worries the region’s governments with burgeoning youth populations who need jobs.

It was also good to meet with a wide range of Asia-based speakers: economists, academics, commentators, moderators and business leaders. There is a rich talent pool across the region, and growing demands from our clients in Asia to understand the regional perspective. The world may be increasingly inter-dependent and inter-connected, but – at least at the moment – Asia is inclined to believe that the answers to the key questions it is facing may be found close to home.

The world is changing.