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Anil Gupta on China's Economy

Mackenzie Coke
editor at Chartwell Speakers

World renowned business strategist, and leading thinker on globalisation, innovation & technology, Anil Gupta addresses the current economic landscape in Asia, in a recent interview with CCTV America.

Gupta currently serves as professor at the Smith School of Business at The University of Maryland, and is a visiting professor at China’s Tsinghua University. He is the author, and co-author of several highly acclaimed books, and is an expert speaker on global economic markets – India and China specifically. He has a unique approach to conceptualising the challenges that face businesses throughout the world today, and how to imagine possible solutions.

During his interview with CCTV America, Gupta shares his insight on the current economic situation in China. He explains that the steps made by the Chinese Central Bank to stabalise the stock market and economy are not working effectively. However, he believes the cut in interest rates and reserve requirements are good, but will have a limited impact, mostly because the availability of money to lend, doesn’t mean that people are willing to borrow.

Watch Anil Gupta’s full interview here:

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Anil Gupta Speaker
Anil Gupta
One of the world’s leading experts on business strategy, globalization and entrepreneurship