Alec Ross: “19 billion reasons for opportunity in Ukraine”

Alec Ross In a recent opinion piece for CNN, Alec Ross, one of America’s leading experts on innovation, shared his commentary on the potential future of Ukraine.

Alec points out that on February 19th a state of emergency took effect in Ukraine, and on that same day a $19 billion deal was struck with Jan Koum, the Whats-app founder of Ukrainian descent; this is the amount Ukraine needs to pay it’s short-term bond debt and gas bills.

Koum represents one example of a long tradition of entrepreneurial success for Ukraine emigres to U.S.. Indeed, Alec notes that he has “seen first-hand the potential and technological savvy of the Ukrainian people…[but] mired in corruption, kleptocracy and authoritarianism, Ukraine has not nurtured the Koums of its future.” He warns that if unrest continues to spread in the Crimea region then a new wave of emigration will emerge, which in turn could create an environment of opportunity.

With this in mind, the U.S. should recognise how vital immigrant entrepreneurs are to its future, and “remember that successful companies are not always founded by the immigrants with a master’s degree in hand.”

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