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A Leader’s Perspective

Toby Mossop
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Experts on Building High Performance Teams

Building an effective team is one thing; keeping it together and flourishing, especially during turbulent times, can be more of a challenge. Whether it’s navigating the landscape of a global pandemic, managing technological change or responding to economic setbacks, impactful leaders are those who are agile, resilient and embolden others.

At a time of continued change and disruption, many businesses turn to their leadership teams to provide not just strategic direction, but also an empathetic understanding of their employees needs and motivations.

Leaders of high performance organisations create and sustain the culture and are responsible for setting the precedent in upholding the values and standards of their organisation. Successful leaders must understand the importance of creating a respectful and inclusive culture and go beyond merely supervising their teams, to positively influencing them to succeed. 

Chartwell Speakers is proud to represent a diverse range of leadership specialists from a wide variety of backgrounds:


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