Monthly Archives: October 2015

Former Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein speaks about his new book “Start-Up City”

Oct 30, 2015

In a recent interview with Streetfilms, former Washington, D.C. & Chicago Transportation Commissioner, Gabe Klein talks about his new book from Island Press, “Start-Up City.” Gabe shares a collection of his experiences during the span of his career as a Transportation Commissioner, and his involvement with start-ups including Zipcar, and D.C.’s food truck industry. He

Allister Heath on the state of crime in Britain

Oct 27, 2015

Deputy Editor of The Telegraph, Allister Heath writes about the current state of crime in Britain, and the steps that need to be taken, specifically by the Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove, to be tough on criminal activity, and it’s causes. He begins by explaining the dramatic reduction of crime in Britain within the past 20 years.

Watch Lucy Hawking at TEDxSalford: “Science needs storytellers”

Oct 23, 2015

Speaking at TEDxSalford, Lucy Hawking, best-selling author and influential populariser of science, talks about the importance of using adventurous stories that explain science, and creating engagement through dramatic story-telling. Lucy describes how these ideas came about during a moment when a child asked her father – astrophysicist Stephen Hawking – what would happen if he was sucked into

LSE Lecturer Keyu Jin on the role consumers play in rebalancing China’s economy

Oct 22, 2015

Speaking on “Bloomberg Surveillance”, London School of Economics Lecturer Keyu Jin and Larry Hatheway, chief economist at Gam Holding, talk about the role consumers play in rebalancing China’s economy and the business prospects for the UK and China. Keyu argues that she’s wary to talk about rebalancing towards consumption, when seeing that the Chinese household

Kemal Derviş: Will Technology Kill Convergence?

Oct 16, 2015

Writing for Project Syndicate, distinguished Turkish Economist, Kemal Derviş discusses the slowdown of emerging economy growth. Derviş explains, countries such as China have seen a decrease in growth after decades of nearly double-digit growth, and as their growth slows, so does it’s demand for oil and commodities, resulting in severe effects for other emerging economies that

Adair Turner on “Debt Déjà Vu”

Oct 9, 2015

Writing for Project Syndicate, Adair Turner, Chairman of the Institute of New Economic Thinking discusses debt, and the “failure to grasp the strength and global nature of the deflationary forces now shaping the economy.” He explains that we are in a trap where debt burdens shift among sectors and countries, as a result of the debt

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