Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sir Christopher Meyer on the crumbling international order

Sep 28, 2015

In a recent op-ed for the Daily Telegraph, Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to the US (1997-2003) and Germany (1997), argues that the post-1945 international order is rapidly falling apart. The UN has proved ineffective in Syria and against Isis; European unity is disintegrating into ugly nationalism in the face of the Greek sovereign

John Hulsman warns of the dangers of Republican China bashing

Sep 25, 2015

Writing in the south SCMP, John Hulsman, expert geopolitical speaker, describes the Republican ‘China bashing’ narrative as a ‘fruitless intellectual path of least resistance’. John believes that the Republicans are praying on Americas uneasy middleclass.  Trump, amongst others, are blaming “China” for America’s relative diminution in world power – an inevitable result of globalisation and

Ann Romney to publish memoir “In This Together” on September 29th

Sep 23, 2015

Ann Romney, former First Lady of Massachusetts, will publish her memoir, “In This Together,” with Thomas Dunne Books on September 29, 2015, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The proceeds from “In This Together” (Thomas Dunne Books, 2015) will be donated

Anil Gupta on China’s Economy

Sep 18, 2015

World renowned business strategist, and leading thinker on globalisation, innovation & technology, Anil Gupta addresses the current economic landscape in Asia, in a recent interview with CCTV America. Gupta currently serves as professor at the Smith School of Business at The University of Maryland, and is a visiting professor at China’s Tsinghua University. He is the

Polyface Farms is the subject of new documentary film ‘Polyfaces’

Sep 11, 2015

Joel Salatin, America’s most famous farmer and inspirational speaker on sustainability, is the subject of a new documentary film, “Polyfaces,” which was shot over four years, documenting “a style of farming that will help change the fate of humanity.” The film, set to be released in late 2015, explores the renowned Polyface Farm & it’s broad community.

Bronwen Maddox interviews former US President Jimmy Carter

Sep 10, 2015

Editor and Chief Executive of Prospect magazine, Bronwen Maddox recently had the pleasure of interviewing former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter about the launch of his new book, “A Full Life: Reflections at 90.” Throughout their discussion, former President Carter shares his perspective on US relations with the Middle East, and the Iran deal,

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