Monthly Archives: September 2014

Exclusive Interview with Sebastian Mallaby: “Policymakers should be celebrating hedge funds”

Sep 19, 2014

Chartwell’s latest podcast features an exclusive interview with Sebastian Mallaby, an experienced journalist, popular public speaker and the Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. Focusing the discussion around his best-selling book – “More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite” (2010) – Sebastian explains

The Scott Brown Surge

Sep 18, 2014

In a Senate race that many Republicans had started to write off, Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator, appears to have pulled even with Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. Check out the full analysis below from the Wall Street Journal’s Political Diary Editor Jason Riley. Jason argues that “New Hampshire is another example of Republicans fielding better candidates

Leading geopolitical analyst John Hulsman believes that the “fate of the Special Relationship is on the line” as Scotland votes

Sep 17, 2014

In advance for tomorrow’s City A.M., geopolitics speaker Dr. John C. Hulsman outlines what the Scottish vote decisively means for the special relationship, a wholly uncovered and crucial angle of why this tomorrow’s vote is so vitally important. Read his opinion piece in full below:             “I only lost it once on 9/11. It was some time

Bill Moyers interviews Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz: “Let’s stop subsidising tax dodgers”

Sep 16, 2014

“Let’s stop subsidising tax dodgers” is the conclusion reached by Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz in a report for the Roosevelt Institute. He suggests that paying our fair share of taxes and cracking down on corporate tax dodgers could be a cure for inequality and a faltering economy. Speaking about this report on the Moyers & Company show, a

The Original Disruptor: Clayton Christensen talks about why he believes in disruption at the 2014 SF Disrupt Conference

Sep 15, 2014

Clayton Christensen, the world’s foremost leader in disruptive innovation and best-selling author of “The Inventor’s Dilemma” (1997), took to the stage with investment banker Bill Hambrecht at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt SF conference to defend the concepts of disruption, and to address the ways the Valley predicted the future of financial services and technology. “‘Disruption’ is,

Mitt Romney makes the case for a “mighty” U.S. military

Sep 8, 2014

Writing in the Washington Post, Mitt Romey, 2012 US Presidential Candidate, argues that all reasons put forward for the decimation of the U.S. military defence are wrong, and that as “Russia invades, China bullies, Iran spins centrifuges, [and] the Islamic State threatens” there is still need for a mighty U.S. military. For example, although some people believe that a

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