Monthly Archives: August 2014

Matt Ridley, a popular speaker on human progress, identifies smart aid for the world’s poor

Aug 26, 2014

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley, best-selling author of “The Rational Optimist”, discusses how rich countries can help the poor ones by identifying five “smart aid” priorities. In September next year, the United Nations plans to choose a list of development goals for the world to meet by the year 2030. What aspirations should

Commencement speech by Vivek Wadhwa: “It’s a beautiful time to be alive and educated”

Aug 26, 2014

Check out the latest column for the Washington Post by Vivek Wadhwa – a leading speaker on innovation. It is the commencement speech that he gave at Hult International Business School on Friday, to 2000 students and family members. Vivek talks about the opportunity our children have to build the future that we dreamed about, as we are

Razeen Sally, an expert speaker on the rise of Asia, explains how cities can benefit from urbanisation

Aug 21, 2014

Countries around the world need to devolve power to cities and be more open to foreigners if they are to benefit from new patterns of urbanisation, says Razeen Sally, Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore in this World Economic Forum (WEF) video. Citing the recent WEF report on “The Competitiveness of Cities”, of which

Robin Niblett, a leading foreign affairs commentator, discusses the need and opportunity to strengthen NATO

Aug 19, 2014

Writing in The World Today, a bi-monthly magazine presenting authoritative analysis and commentary on current topics, Director of Chatham House Robin Niblett argues that in a world of flashpoints and European defence cuts NATO needs strengthening, and now is the chance to do so. In early September, a NATO summit in Wales is expected to offer a decisive response to Russia’s actions

Listen to Gerard Lyons discuss the future of the global economy and his new book, “The Consolations of Economics”

Aug 18, 2014

Listen in to Alex Hickman in conversation with Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. A regular commentator on the future of the global economy, Gerard has recently published his critically acclaimed first book – “The Consolations of Economics” (Faber & Faber, 2014) – predicting a period of prosperous

Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason: the new campaign by endurance swimmer and inspirational speaker Lewis Pugh

Aug 13, 2014

During August, renowned endurance swimmer and United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Patron of the Oceans, Lewis Pugh, will be swimming with one purpose: to put Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the global agenda. He will become the first person to undertake a long distance swim in each of the Seven Seas: the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, Black, Red,

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