Monthly Archives: July 2014

Lewis Pugh delivers a brilliant speech at the First Protocol Summer Forum

Jul 16, 2014

ATG|Chartwell was delighted to partner with First Protocol for their Summer Forum in July 2014. Lewis Pugh, the world’s leading endurance swimmer and a UN Patron of the Oceans, gave a fantastic speech on “Achieving the Impossible”. Through his marvellous storytelling, he addressed key themes that had real relevance for business and life: overcoming obstacles and challenges,

Gerard Lyons, economics speaker, on why London is the place to be

Jul 14, 2014

Gerard Lyons, a leading economics speaker and Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, discusses why London is the place to be, and comments on how it can retain its new status as the world’s most favourite place to visit. This claim was confirmed by the MasterCard Global Cities Index, which told us that in 2014 London

John Hulsman, expert speaker on risk, outlines how Obama should respond to the Gaza crisis

Jul 14, 2014

John Hulsman, an expert speaker on risk and the political economy of the Middle East, discusses what brought about the Gaza crisis and what Obama should (and crucially should not) do about it. John describes how renewed upheaval in the region began when the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were found dead, allegedly taken

Finding keynote and motivational speakers for our New York clients

Jul 10, 2014

Just off the plane from New York, where Ellis Trevor and I spent a few days visiting clients, and catching up with some great keynote and motivational speakers currently in demand along the East Coast. We managed to coincide with a spell of very hot weather, and it’s nice to be back in a cooler London. Ellis, now home in

Ian Bremmer, a leading speaker on global risk, reviews lessons learnt from emerging markets

Jul 8, 2014

Ian Bremmer, an acclaimed author, speaker and expert on global risk, discussed the “rise of the rest” in the New Statesmen, asking what emerging markets can tell us about the world today. Ian describes how emerging markets have become a lifeline for the global economy, as they are expected to continue to emerge, providing much-needed global growth and

Jonathan Fenby, an expert speaker on China, discusses the Hong Kongers march for democracy

Jul 8, 2014

Writing in the Financial Times, Jonathan Fenby, journalist, author and expert speaker on China, explains that Beijing is threatening the future of its golden goose in its response to the Hong Kongers march for democracy. Jonathan argues that there was always a central misunderstanding when it came to the policy of “one country, two systems”, after Hong

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