Monthly Archives: April 2014

John Hulsman on why the West no longer exists

Apr 25, 2014

Writing in City A.M., John Hulsman, a leading geopolitical analyst, details why he thinks the greatest global geopolitical risk is the end of the west, as rising powers realise it simply doesn’t exist any more. John argues that Barack Obama was elected to lessen American foreign policy risk after the disasters of the Bush administration,

Misha Glenny: “beautiful game exposes Brazil’s ugly flaws”

Apr 23, 2014

In a recent opinion piece for the Financial Times, Misha Glenny, an award-winning journalist, wrote that the World Cup may well have a critical bearing on the presidential elections in Brazil. Misha argues that although the popularity of the current President, Dilma Rousseff, is slipping, voters find her opponents no more palatable. He goes on to say that neglected

Simon Kuper on Moyes’ sacking

Apr 23, 2014

Nice piece in this morning’s FT by Simon Kuper on Manchester United’s sacking of David Moyes. In his view, the cause of United’s woes this season hasn’t been Moyes, but money (or rather, lack thereof). You can read the article here. To book Simon Kuper as a speaker, contact Leo at or on 0044

Matt Ridley on climate change: “the richer we get, the greener we’ll become”

Apr 22, 2014

In this week’s opinion piece for The Times, Matt Ridley, a prominent British journalist and member of the House of Lords, writes that the world’s climate change experts are now saying that strong growth doesn’t hurt the environment, but rather protects it. Matt notes that there is a convergence between the 5 projections given by the Organisation

Vivek Wadhwa on the possibilities and perils of Big Data

Apr 22, 2014

In his latest musing for the Washington Post, Vivek Wadhwa, a leading thinker the on future of technology and innovation, argues that the rise of big data brings tremendous possibilities and frightening perils. Big Data is accumulating at an exponentially increasing rate: the NSA has been mining our phone metadata and occasionally listening in; marketers are

Curtis S. Chin on the benefits of immigration reform

Apr 16, 2014

Writing for the Japan times, Curtis S. Chin, former U.S. ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, argues that both Asia and the United States can benefit from immigration reform. Curtis shows that for numerous countries in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the US, immigration remains a contentious issue. However, he believes that there is one area

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