Monthly Archives: June 2013

Justin Wellby: Banks need “The fear of hell, hope of heaven”

Jun 13, 2013

Last night St Pauls cathedral hosted the final session of their “The City and the Common Good” series with an event exploring “Good Banks”. BBC Economic Editor, Stephanie Flanders moderated what she called “a dream team panel” of prominent voices in the debate: Justin Welby – Archbishop of Caterbury (keynote) Anthony Jenkins – Group Chief

Harper’s plans for mobile payments

Jun 13, 2013

In a Mobile Commerce Press article about mobile payments in the US, the writer describes the current drive to make payments more efficient as current systems are neither secure nor convenient enough. Following his success with mobile applications during the Obama 2012 campaign, Harper Reed has announced that he and a team of developers are planning to

Ian Bremmer: digital communication has opened up a new arms race between state and individual

Jun 12, 2013

In the wake of the Edward Snowden extradition affair, Ian Bremmer wrote a thoughtful piece in today’s FT on how digital communications are opening up a new arms race between individual and state. Communication flows from mobile technology and social media have empowered the individual. However, states (from the US to China) are increasingly using the data

US-China Bilaterial talks: a diplomatic milestone?

Jun 12, 2013

It has been an important week for China – US relations. Chinese leader, Xi Jingping visited the United States for bilaterial talks on areas such as: North Korea, the south-pacific and international institutions. Before talks were underway Victor Gao published a thoughtful op-ed on CNN underlining how close the $500 billion in annual trade have

Allister Heath discusses how to tackle the UK rent crisis

Jun 12, 2013

Editor of City A.M, Allister Heath’s article ‘Rent controls are madness, we need to build more homes’ was published in yesterday’s Telegraph, focusing on the UK rent crisis. UK rent, as well as house prices are becoming “out of control”; in London the cost of renting is over half the average wage in two thirds

Merryn Somerset Webb on the Tokyo tumble

Jun 12, 2013

‘The Tokyo tumble doesn’t bother me a bit’ is Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek’s most recent article in the Financial Times. Discussing the sudden drop in Japan’s stock market, following its incredible rise only a few weeks ago, Merryn, an expert finance speaker, maintains that this is not something to be worried about and that these

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