Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hernando de Soto testifies to the US House Foreign Affair’s Committee

May 23, 2013

Peruvian pioneering development economist, Hernando de Soto spoke to the US House Foreign Affair’s Committee on “the economic roots of the Arab Spring”, May 21 2013.  At a hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives entitled “The Call for Economic Liberty in the Arab World”, Hernando spent two hours presenting a prepared statement followed

Great feedback for Paul Markillie

May 23, 2013

Innovation Editor at The Economist, Paul Markillie received great feedback from a client last week. His “presentation on the future of innovation was first-rate” as well as his participation in a group panel discussion. Paul has fascinating insights into the changing landscape of manufacturing, in particular the affects of disruptive new technologies on businesses.

John Plender on Japanese Corporate Governance and ‘Abenomics’

May 23, 2013

I much enjoyed meeting with the FT’s John Plender earlier this week for a coffee. One of the UK’s most treasured experts on global banking and finance, he had fascinating (and timely) things to say on the role corporate governance structures are playing in holding back the Japanese economy (a problem the much hyped ‘Abenomics’ has so

Matt Ridley keynotes at ‘SubOptic’ conference in Paris

May 21, 2013

Scientist and journalist who champions the potential for human progress, Matt Ridley is the author the best-selling book on the subject, ‘The Rational Optimist’. Last month Matt gave a keynote speech at SubOptic in Paris (22 – 25th April), a conference with the theme ‘From Ocean to Cloud’; which this year covered new areas including as the impact of mobile data

Howard Tullman: Motivating Others

May 21, 2013

American serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer and art collector, Howard Tullman has over 40 years of business creation and growth, management and turn-around experience. In a recent article in Inc magazine, ‘Trying to motivate your employees? Forget it.’ Howard shares his difficulties with motivating others and what he has learned from his time in business management.

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