Monthly Archives: May 2013

Stephen Bayley: “My class journey..”

May 30, 2013

Author, columnist and broadcaster, Stephen Bayley is one of Britain’s leading designers and cultural critics. He recently wrote an interesting article for the Telegraph entitled “My class journey” in which he considers “if I really know my place.” Following the Great British Class Survey published earlier this year which described the country’s seven classes, Stephen looks

David Rowan’s WIRED magazine blog

May 30, 2013

Editor of WIRED magazine UK, David Rowan is an expert on future trends and technology. His WIRED magazine blog is a varied and interesting read, in it David shares his experiences and thoughts on events and forums he has attended, the latest technological developments and the lessons he has learned. As a speaker, David is an

Ambassador Dennis Ross calls for “credible endgame” on Iran

May 30, 2013

An interesting piece by Ambassador Dennis Ross, former special assistant to President Obama, on how the US and other governments should approach diplomacy with Iran. As Tehran’s nuclear ambitions once again hit headlines Ambassador Ross discusses the need for a tougher stance on Iran to be underpinned by a credible endgame proposal if coercive diplomacy

John Llewellyn comments on ATG|Chartwell’s Breakfast Discussion on the German Elections

May 30, 2013

John Llewellyn of Llewellyn Consulting in London sent through a very interesting response to our recent summary of ATG|Chartwell’s Breakfast Discussion on the upcoming German Elections with Sir Michael Arthur and Gisela Stuart MP. With his permission, I’ve re-printed what he had to say below:  “Thank you for this. In my judgement it is a useful and credible

Former Police Minister Nick Herbert MP: “clever use of surveillance technology doesn’t recruit terrorists; it puts them in jail.”

May 29, 2013

Nick Herbert, the former Conservative Minister, has an interesting piece in today’s Times arguing that the government should be allowed to use modern technology to access and monitor communication between terrorist suspects.”The web’s powerful freedom cannot be inviolate when it becomes harmful – whether in allowing children to see pornography or terrorists to plot murder”.

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