Monthly Archives: April 2013

Nigel Cameron: ‘FutureofBiz’

Apr 25, 2013

‘FutureofBiz’ is expert on future trends and innovation, Nigel Cameron’s, fascinating website. As an active blogger, Nigel writes entertaining and informative posts, sharing news and views both personal and worldwide. Recent blogs have covered amazing facts on China, whether women made better leaders and an analysis of social media. Including plenty of links to further information, reports

David Pilling on President Xi Jinping delivering the ‘China Dream’

Apr 25, 2013

Enjoyed reading David Pilling’s article on China’s president Xi Jinping this morning. Describing Mr Xi as “a man of the people” David considers the new president’s potential as a reformist and whether he will be successful in delivering the ‘China Dream’, with the interesting conclusion that “even if Mr Xi does embrace an economic overhaul,

Great welcome for Mark Pollock in the US

Apr 25, 2013

Great to see the Boston Globe’s article on Mark Pollock earlier this month. Endurance athlete and inspirational speaker, Mark has recently returned from the US where he visited Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government as part of his pioneering work on spinal-cord injury treatment and recovery. Click here to read the article.

Richard Watson’s fifth book out in July

Apr 25, 2013

‘Futurevision: scenarios for the world in 2040’, Richard Watson’s fifth book, is due for release in the UK July 4th. Richard, an expert on on future trends and business, describes it as “essentially a business book about scenario planning aimed at anyone involved with strategy.”  Already out in Australia, critics have said the book “reads like a slick business

War gaming a multipolar world with Dr John Hulsman

Apr 24, 2013

We’ve had a fun morning scoping a highly interactive ‘war game’ with John Hulsman, the US political risk analyst and author of The Godfather Doctrine: A Foreign Policy Parable and Ethical Realism: A Vision for America’s Role in the World. The game creates a unique opportunity for audiences to understand, discuss and analyse existential issues impacting on their

Martin Wolf in today’s FT

Apr 24, 2013

An interesting article by Martin Wolf in today’s Financial Times considering the arguments regarding growth rates following a high ratio of public debt to GDP.  Reminding us that in the 19th century “the UK managed an industrial revolution with such a burden” Martin suggests that today’s rising debt “is a result of slow growth, or more precisely, of

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