Monthly Archives: July 2012

Need a good beach read? Try Paul Ormerod’s new book, says Sunday Times

Jul 16, 2012

As the realisation hits home that the weather really isn’t going to get any better, it’s hard to prevent one’s thoughts from wandering in the direction of that upcoming beach holiday (or, if you’re unlucky, that beach holiday you’ve just had). And with such thoughts comes the inevitable question of what to read on said beach.

Launch of the 2012 Chatham House-YouGov survey

Jul 13, 2012

The third annual Chatham House-YouGov Survey was launched this week with a lively panel discussion including Paddy Ashdown, Jonathan Powell and Pauline Neville-Jones, moderated by Chatham House Director, Robin Niblett. The survey, designed to analyse British attitudes to the UK’s international priorities, revealed much about popular sentiment towards British membership of the EU. 57% of the

Desmond Tutu and The Elders bring sunshine where there is rain

Jul 6, 2012

It was one of those evenings when, despite the ongoing absurdity of the neverending mid-July downpours, you think London really is the best city in the world. The Barbican was humming with excitement as Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel and Jon Snow took to the stage to introduce the stars of the show: three of The Elders – a group

Brilliant feedback for Ambassador Dennis Ross

Jul 5, 2012

We’ve had brilliant feedback on former US Middle East Envoy Dennis Ross who was over in London for a client’s conference recently. He covered a whole range of issues from the current stresses in the Middle East to the geopolitical and economic risks going on around the world. An impressive man with some fascinating insights!

Networking with Paul Ormerod and Julia Hobsbawm

Jul 2, 2012

This weekend was an unusually busy one, spent catching up with friends visiting from Germany, going to a house party or two, meeting with an old musical compadre to record some cello, having friends over for Sunday lunch etc. Why this sudden flurry of social activity? Perhaps it was because I’d spent the previous week being steeped in

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