2012 topics, in no particular order…

2012 topics, in no particular order

Eurozone, future of; European Union, outlook for; Arab World, what happens next (NB: Egypt and Syria)?; Political leaders, are they up to it?; Global economy, will it or won’t it?; Iran and Israel, will they?; sub-Saharan Africa, challenges and opportunities; the US, race for the White House, economic outlook, it’s changing place in the world and its relations with everyone; China, soft or hard landing?, consumer trends, governance issues, relations with rest of world, in particular the US; India, soft or hard landing?, consumer trends, liberalisation?, relations with the rest of the world, in particular Pakistan, China and the US; Asia-Pacific, growing wealth, growing power, growing responsibilities, growing tensions; LatAm, growth of and opportunities therein; technology and innovation, what’s next?; Commodities & Resources, what’s up, what’s down?, what’s running out, what is being discovered where?; Russia, will March be the beginning of Putin’s end, or his fightback?; Space, is anyone out there?; Olympics, who’s on the podium?; Euro 2012, is football coming home?

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