Monthly Archives: September 2011

Chartwell Breakfast Club: China’s strengths and weaknesses

Sep 15, 2011

The invitation to Chartwell’s September 29 Breakfast Club discussion went out this afternoon. We’re looking forward to resuming our 2011 Breakfast Club programme after a summer break. Delicious bacon rolls and three great speakers, Victor Gao, Dr Keyu Jin and the BBC’s Paddy O’Connell, are the perfect way to bring September to a close. They will

Perhaps being European isn’t so bad after all…

Sep 14, 2011

Being European doesn’t look much fun right now. The contradictions inherent in the monetary union are slowly and painfully playing themselves out, with the prospect of severe political and economic pain looming ever larger by the day. The more hysterical of my continental friends are talking of emigration to some new land of hope, either

Expert Speakers – Topical Issues 2012

Sep 13, 2011

It’s hard to believe that 2012 will be as eventful and dramatic a year as 2011, but we live in uncertain times. Next year will witness the stabilisation of the Eurozone, or further steps towards its restructuring. India and China will seek to maintain their breathtaking rates of economic growth despite the sluggishness of the

Wolfgang Munchau has read last week’s ruling of the German constitutional court …

Sep 12, 2011

Writing in today’s FT, Munchau explains why he believes the Eurzone is running out of options: Merkel and the ECB can’t agree on a permanent response to the crisis. Meanwhile, last week’s ruling by the German constitutional court on the European Financial Adjustment Facility, the crisis mechanism to bail-out Greece, Portugal and Ireland, “categorically rules

Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda

Sep 9, 2011

Last time I met with Professor Fawaz Gerges, we were sitting in his office at the LSE and he was telling me over coffee about the research he had been conducting on global Jihadist groups. He was  in the final exhausting stages of bringing together into a single volume several years of painstaking research on how Al-Qaeda’s structure and capacity

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