Monthly Archives: July 2011

School’s out!

Jul 21, 2011

Matthew Syed challenges our assumptions over human intelligence in his latest column in The Times. Matthew likens our brain to a muscle, which atrophies when in disuse. There is considerable evidence that children regress by 2-4 weeks in maths, english and science during the summer holidays. The analogy also helps to explain why poor children

Space race: US stops running

Jul 21, 2011

Today marked the final touch down of the space shuttle Atlantis. For the first time in 30 years NASA no longer has the ability to send its own astronauts into space. And it faces a 9% cut in its annual budget. As the US grapples with possible default, space exploration is not a priority. Foreign

Happy 50th Birthday PMQs!

Jul 21, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday PMQs! In British politics, prime minister’s questions is one of the most difficult tests of public speaking and debate skills that politicians are likely to face. The gladiatorial atmosphere is set by the loud, raucous benches behind the party leaders, and further enhanced by the oppositional layout of the house of commons chamber. After

Hillary Clinton seeks to boost trade with India

Jul 20, 2011

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton arrived in India on Tuesday for the second round of US-India strategic talks. Mrs Clinton’s three-day visit is her second to India as secretary of state and follows President Barack Obama’s trip last November. Following discussions with Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna in Delhi, Mrs Clinton called for deeper trade ties

Daniel Finkelstein reflects on the state of Britain’s media

Jul 20, 2011

Daniel Finkelstein reflects on the state of Britain’s media in The Times today. It was, Ed Miliband said, wrong that one company, News International, could control such a large proportion of newspaper sales. This allows the company to dominate political discourse. But most people get their news from the internet or Television. In 2009, the BBC

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