Monthly Archives: June 2011

Olympic ticketing: Farce or success?

Jun 30, 2011

London 2012 organisers received 22 million requests from 1.9 million people when 6.6 million tickets originally went on sale to the public on March 15 2011. Only 700,000 people were successful (36%) in buying three million tickets in this first round. On June 24 the 1.2 million people who missed out on the first round of

Can Google make a business out of being late?

Jun 29, 2011

In light of Malcolm Gladwell’s recent comments on Steve Jobs (“this is a man who made a business out of being late”), Google are hoping their second arrival on the social networking scene may prove a smart move. Malcolm Gladwell made the above comment during a panel discussion seminar at the Cannes Lions 58th International

The eurozone crisis must get worse before it gets better

Jun 29, 2011

Anatole Kaletsky calls for fiscal federalism to save the single currency in his Times column. There are only two ways that Greece can recover: leave the eurozone, or the EU absorbs half its debt burden. He sees the latter as more likely, but this would mean collective responsibility for around €500bn of Greek, Portuguese and Irish

Richard Lambert’s lessons in capitalism

Jun 28, 2011

Former director-general of the CBI and Editor of the FT Richard Lambert looks at what the £1.5bn raised by Nat Rothschild and Tony Hayward’s company Vallares means for the global economy. First, he notes that there is a commodities boom. The Valleres’ directors believe that supply of oil and gas will not rise to meet demand.

PM announces £1.4bn UK-China Trade Deal

Jun 28, 2011

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday announced a new trade deal with China worth £1.4 billion. Britain wants to double total trade with China by 2015 to near £62 billion pounds, as part of the government’s strategy of expanding business with rapidly growing emerging markets to help offset subdued domestic demand. Britain currently exports more to

“The Lords mustn’t be a retirement home for ex-MPs past their sell by date” says Paddy Ashdown

Jun 28, 2011

Lord Paddy Ashdown calls for reform to prevent the House of Lords becoming a “retirement home” for ex-MPs.” Writing in The Times, he cites the cash for honours scandal, he notes that the second chamber is highly politicised already and that second chambers are elected in the rest of the world. Finally, he challenges the

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