Yearly Archives: 2011

Yet more uncertainty

Dec 21, 2011

This year has already seen the birth of the Arab Spring, death of Osama bin Laden, the Japanese earthquake,implosion of the eurozone and a near US default. While the first two of these disruptions have almost certainly been for the better, you might still be forgiven for thinking that 2011 has thrown up quite enough game-changing surprises for one year, thank you

2012 topics, in no particular order…

Dec 20, 2011

2012 topics, in no particular order Eurozone, future of; European Union, outlook for; Arab World, what happens next (NB: Egypt and Syria)?; Political leaders, are they up to it?; Global economy, will it or won’t it?; Iran and Israel, will they?; sub-Saharan Africa, challenges and opportunities; the US, race for the White House, economic outlook,

Reasons to be cheerful

Dec 9, 2011

This week we hosted our Breakfast Club 2012 finale at the RAC with an End of Year Review. Discussing the year’s big events were Daniel Finkelstein, Oliver Kamm and Richard Lambert, moderated by BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis.With so many different issues dominating the headlines over the past 12 months – from the Arab Spring to phone

Muhammad Yunus and Social Business

Nov 28, 2011

It was a privilege to see Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus talk on his concept of ‘Social Business’ last week. He argued that our global economic system relies on two false asumptions: That a comparatively small proportion of the human race possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and that most people are ‘followers’ rather than ‘innovators’ That capitalism must be based primarily on our

Charlie Chaplin in Mumbai

Nov 23, 2011

Good luck to our friends at Editorial Intelligence, who are heading off to India today to launch Names not Numbers in Mumbai. Yesterday I went along to a showing of Deepak Verma’s Mumbai Charlie in Somerset House. A young businessman, uncomfortably thrust into a senior role in the family business, has a car crash en route

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