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“Forget smartwatches, smartcars will drive the next revolution” explains tech commentator Tom Chatfield

Tom Chatfield speakerTom Chatfield, a pioneering commentator on the interactions between technology, business and society, believes that it will be smartcars, rather than smartwatches that drives the next revolution.

Despite the hype – particularly with the recent smartwatch release by Apple – Tom notes that “technologists have yet to demonstrate that most people either need or want to connect their smartphones to their wrists and faces.” On the other hand, “when it comes to driving and being driven…we’re already knee-deep in unrealised needs, anxieties and desires.”

Tom goes on to explain that the “key question is not whether autonomous systems will take over, but rather how they might help us to improve our own performance.” Whilst so much current technology is designed to distract, he argues that if seen in the right light, cars “can help us think differently and more richly about human-machine interactions.”

Tom concludes by saying that “we must ask more of our tools – by allowing them to ask more of us.” Click here to read the full article.

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Dr Tom Chatfield is a British author of six bestselling books, broadcaster and tech philosopher. He has advised many of the world’s leading technology firms, and is currently a Visiting Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. The latest edition of his book “Netymology: a linguistic celebration of the digital world” was published by Quercus US on 2nd August 2016.

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