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John Hulsman warns of the dangers of Republican China bashing

John Hulsman speakerWriting in the south SCMP, John Hulsman, expert geopolitical speaker, describes the Republican ‘China bashing’ narrative as a ‘fruitless intellectual path of least resistance’.

John believes that the Republicans are praying on Americas uneasy middleclass.  Trump, amongst others, are blaming “China” for America’s relative diminution in world power – an inevitable result of globalisation and increased economic competition.

Although this populist theory is making gains in the American electorate in the short term John warns of the dangers further down the line.  The problem with this idea, John postulates, is that it encourages Americans to believe that China are part of the problem, rather than serving as part of the solution during a time when global economic growth is ‘desperately scarce’.

John implores all ‘true American grown-ups’ to shout down this dangerous rhetoric at every opportunity, or China – US relations will become so strained that their vital cooperation needed for world growth will be in peril.

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Lanhee Chen: Rare opportunity for bipartisan cooperation on US Medicare

Last week prominent Republican thinker, Lanhee Chen, was published an op-ed in Bloomberg on Medicare reform.

He noted: On Medicare, Republicans and Democrats don’t agree about much, except this: The current fee-for-service system is unsustainable, and the broken formula used to pay doctors who treat Medicare patients is a big reason why.

Lanhee goes on to explore a potential point of consensus for US politicians on this usually polemic point of debate. Interesting to watch as the debate goes on.

Bloomberg: Fix Doctors’ Pay and Improve Health, Too

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