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Keynote Speakers | In the News (Aug 5th)

Happy Friday! In the news this week, our top keynote speakers are writing and making headlines in respected and international media. For booking enquiries, or more about these talented thought-leaders, send us a quick email for their speaking topics, expertise and latest availability.

Here are the top stories we recommend this week:


Mitt Romney vindicated for his stance on Russia.

Mitt Romney The Week

The Week | We should have listened to Mitt Romney about Russia


Nouriel Roubini declared that global volatility has been postponed, not avoided.

Nouriel Roubini keynote speaker

Project Syndicate: Europe’s Brexit Hangover


Pippa Malmgren considered the Bank of England’s decision to cut interest rates.

Pippa Malmgren evening standard

Evening Standard: Dr Pippa Malmgren: Super-low interest rates are not all they are cracked up to be


David Rowan explained WIRED’s annual selection of the people changing our world.

David Rowan Wired Sept 2016

WIRED: This issue WIRED reveals the greatest influencers in the digital world 


Lawrence Freedman discussed the finding on the South China Sea from China’s point of view.

Lawrence Freedman keynote speaker

The Interpreter: Quick comment: Sir Lawrence Freedman


Janet Mock shared her advice to twentysomethings from her new memoir.

Janet Mock Out magazine

OUT Magazine: Trans Advocate Janet Mock on Lemonade, New Memoir, & Advice to Twentysomethings


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