Submission Guidelines

Chartwell Literary Agency provides specialist literary services to authors and speakers around the worldChartwell is always looking to take on exciting new authors but we only accept submissions to and aim to reply within a month. Send us your non-fiction or fiction book submissions now as we are actively seeking new authors.


Please send a book proposal by email to


You’ll need to write around 10,000 words in total. A non-fiction book proposal should include the following elements:

    1. Overview: several pages explaining what this book is and why it must be read.
    2. Author biography: who you are, and why are you the right person to write this book. If you have won a Nobel Prize, built a multi-million dollar business or have more Twitter followers than Stephen Fry, put that in.
    3. List of chapters with short summaries of each (a few paragraphs per chapter). Each chapter summary should be a continuous narrative, not a series of bullet points.
    4. List of comparable titles, and why this one is different.
    5. Sample writing – ideally a whole chapter. This is the most important part.
    6. An idea of how long the book will be, whether you’ll include illustrations, and how long you think you might take to write it.

If you are an academic, you can include scholarly apparatus (bibliography, endnotes) but you will need to demonstrate that your book will appeal to a general audience. That means avoiding academic prose and overly technical language.

We can help you craft all of the above, but we need something to begin with.


Please send the first three to four chapters and a one or two-page synopsis outlining the plot to Please read our FAQs for further details.

We are currently interested in seeing all works of fiction and non-fiction but the following are areas of particular interest.


  • General fiction
  • Mystery/suspense/thriller/crime
  • Women’s fiction
  • Children’s and YA


  • Biography/memoir
  • Technology
  • Science
  • History
  • Personal development
  • Health including popular psychology
  • Cookery and lifestyle

Please do not send hard copies of your submission as they can not be returned.

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