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Thomas L. Friedman

Three time Pulitzer Prize winner.

Columnist for the New York Times

Author of From Beirut to Jerusalem

Thomas L. Friedman is an internationally renowned author, reporter, and, columnist—the recipient of three Pulitzer Prizes and the author of six bestselling books, among them From Beirut to Jerusalem and The World Is Flat.

Thomas began his career in the summer of 1978 when he joined the London Bureau of United Press International (UPI) on Fleet Street, where he worked as a general assignment reporter. Friedman spent almost a year reporting and editing in London before UPI dispatched him to Beirut as a correspondent in the spring of 1979.

In May 1981, Friedman was offered a job by the legendary New York Times editor A. M. Rosenthal. He left Beirut and joined the staff of The New York Times in Manhattan. From May 1981 to April 1982, Friedman worked as a general assignment financial reporter for the Times. He specialized in OPEC and oil-related news, which had become an important topic as a result of the Iranian revolution.

In April 1982, he was appointed Beirut Bureau Chief for The New York Times, a post he took up six weeks before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. For the next two-plus years, he covered the extraordinary events that followed the invasion—the departure of the PLO from Beirut, the massacre of Palestinians in Beirut’s Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, and the suicide bombings of the U.S. embassy in Beirut and the U.S. Marine compound in Beirut.  For his work, he was awarded the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for international reporting.

His book From Beirut to Jerusalem published in June 1989,  was on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly twelve months and won the 1989 National Book Award for nonfiction and the 1989 Overseas Press Club Award for the best book on foreign policy.

Since then Thomas L Friedman has published 6 further works, served as the Jerusalem bureau chief, the diplomatic correspondent, and later the White House correspondent and economic correspondent for the New York Times.




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