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Manley Hopkinson speaker

Manley Hopkinson

London, UK
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Expert on leadership and sustaining high performance

Critically acclaimed author, "Compassionate Leadership" (2014)

Former naval officer, and skipper in the BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race

Manley Hopkinson draws from his rich and varied experiences to create and develop transformational leadership behaviours. From businesses to sports teams, Manley demonstrates how sustained high performance can only be achieved through engagement with, and commitment to, the job in hand.

For 18 years, Manley served twice as an Officer in the Royal Navy, with a 5 year gap as an Inspector in the Royal Hong Kong Marine Police. In 2000, he led a team of volunteers for 9 months in a 32,000 mile journey, as a skipper in the BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race. Manley was also part of the 3-man team that won the inaugural race to the Magnetic North Pole, involving 400 miles on skis pulling a 120lb sledge, averaging 35 miles a day. The team faced polar bear attacks, and sub-zero temperatures, and learnt huge lessons about surviving and competing in very difficult circumstances. Their record time of 10 days and 9 hours still stands.

An internationally recognised management consultant and motivational speaker, Manley uses powerful metaphors to enliven the topics of leadership, “team-ship” and “self-ship”. He has experience serving on global boards, such as ATLAS Consortium and HP Defence UK, where he applies his experience to great effect in creating the cultural transformation needed to deliver the strategic intent and immediate delivery.

In 2014, Manley published “Compassionate Leadership: How to Create and Maintain Engaged, Committed and High-Performing Teams”. With increased pressure on businesses to cut costs while increasing productivity, getting the most from your team is even more important than ever. In “Compassionate Leadership”, Manley combines the two worlds of business and adventure to encourage leaders everywhere – at work, at home, in sports and mid-ocean – to take a new approach to creating teams of developed, self-aware and committed individual.

Our Comment

"With his vast industry background and his strong leadership and management skills, Manley brings a wealth of practical knowledge and tremendous passion to his talks. He shares some of the most exciting moments from his toughest adventures and colourful career, and provides the tools needed to start the exciting journey to sustainable high performance for you and your team."

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