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Laura Ingraham conference speaker US elections

Laura Ingraham

Washington D.C., USA

Acclaimed political talk radio host

Best-selling author of 4 books

Conservative political commentator

Laura Ingraham is the most listened-to woman in political talk radio in the United States. “The Laura Ingraham Show” is heard on hundreds of stations nationwide and has been addicting legions of listeners since its launch in 2001. Always smart and entertaining, Laura is a regular Fox News contributor and the principal substitute host on The O’Reilly Factor.

She is the #1 New York Times best- selling author of four books – “The Hillary Trap” (Hyperion Books, 2000), “Shut Up & Sing” (Regnery Publishing Inc, 2005), “Power to the People” (Regnery Publishing Inc, 2008), and her latest smash hit “The Obama Diaries” (Threshold Editions, 2010).

In “Power to the People”, Laura focuses on what she calls the “pornification” of America. She discusses issues such as traditional family values, education, and American patriotism. “Power to the People” stresses the importance of getting involved in the culture: “The main thread that runs through these topics I cover in the book is civic involvement and civic virtue… Education is the first line of defense.”

In “The Obama Diaries”, Laura tackles the cynical “razzle-dazzle” marketing of the Obama White House and exposes the administration’s true plans to “remake America.” Major media outlets love to describe the president as “no drama Obama,” but “The Obama Diaries” tells a different tale through hilarious and informative “diary entries.”

Our Comment

"Smart, funny, and ahead of the curve in politics and the culture, Laura’s busting down the door of the “boys only” radio club. Her both her speeches and her show takes listeners on a wild ride through the colliding worlds of politics, the news media, and Hollywood. "

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