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Ken Segall

New York, USA

Leading American advertising executive

Led the team behind Apple’s "Think Different" campaign (1997); creator of Apple’s “i” nomenclature

Author, "Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success" (2012)

Ken Segall is an American advertising executive and creative director who has worked closely with Apple and other global tech brands.

For over 12 years, Ken collaborated closely with Steve Jobs as his ad agency creative director and lead writer, from his days at NeXT in the ’80s through his return to Apple in 1997.

Ken led the team that created Apple’s iconic Think Different campaign, which was instrumental in revitalising the brand in the late ’90s. As part of this effort, he co-authored the first commercial ever to win an Emmy. He also named the iMac, creating a hook that would guide the naming of Apple’s revolutionary devices for years to come.

Ken’s book, “Insanely Simple” (2012), has been praised as one of the most authentic accounts of Apple’s resurgence from near-bankruptcy to most valuable company on Earth. It focuses on Steve Jobs’ obsession with simplicity and passion for innovation and perfection. In the book Ken describes how simplicity can improve an organisation, contrasting the advantages gained from simplicity to the damage he’s seen caused by complexity. He believes that the principles of simplicity can be embraced by anyone, and can be used to achieve extraordinary success.

In addition to his work with Apple, Ken has also led creative efforts for Dell, Intel and IBM.

Our Comment

"Ken demonstrates how simplicity has permeated everything from Apple’s products and design to its customer service and organisational structure. He shows how this has been the key driver behind its astonishing success, and how applying the principle to our own work can enhance our effectiveness and productivity."

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