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John Plender

London, UK

Financial Times columnist and feature writer

Trustee of the Pierson Group Pension Fund

Winner of the senior Wilcott Award for excellence in financial journalism

John Plender is the award-winning finance columnist for the Financial Times.

John began his writing career in 1972 as feature writer and financial columnist for The Times before being recruited as the financial editor of The Economist in 1974. In 1980 he moved to the policy planning staff of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Returning to journalism in 1984 he took up his long standing position as writer and columnist for the Financial Times and until 1999 also juggled business and current affairs broadcasting for the BBC and Channel Four.

Since the mid-eighties John has also worked in the finance industry itself, bringing to bear his wealth of expertise on global banking and corporate governance. His past positions include: Strategic Analyst at Jones Lang Wootton (1987), chairman of Pensions and Investment Research Consultants (1989), Non-executive Director at Quintain PLC (2002) and later it’s chair (2007-2009). He is currently a trustee of the Pearson Group Pension Fund, which manages assets worth £2.5bn.

Much sought after for his insight into markets, finance and business, John has been an advisor to the World Bank/OECD private sector advisory group on corporate governance (2001-), Association of Corporate Treasurers (2007-present) and Company Law Review (1997-2001) where he contributed to the independent review that was the subsequent basis for the 2006 Companies Act.

John is the author of a string of best-selling books, notably including “Going off the Rails – Global Capital and the Crisis of Legitimacy” (Wiley, 2003) and “All You Need to Know About Ethics and Finance” (Longtail 2006).

Our Comment

"John’s diverse and distinguished career give him the view from both government and industry to produce world class analysis. Recently his writing has particularly focused on the the challenges, now and ahead, for the Japanese economy and global corporate governance."

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