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John Hulsman War Games speaker

John Hulsman

London, U.K.

Leading expert on the political economy of the EU, US, Emerging Markets, and the Middle East

One of the world's leading war game facilitators

Prolific foreign affairs commentator in the global print and broadcast media; Senior Columnist for foreign affairs and political risk, City AM London

Dr John Hulsman is a former Washington DC insider now based in England, where he runs a leading political risk consulting firm (www.john-hulsman.com) concentrating on game-changing foreign and macro-economic policy issues that will determine the fate of the challenging new era of multiple great powers that we live in for business, investors and governments alike.

An outstanding geopolitical speaker, John has given more than 1,200 high level briefings at the invitation of the US Department of State, the Pentagon, the National Security Council, the CIA, the House International Relations Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and governments around the world. Building on his Washington experience, he is a cutting edge facilitator of war games, a powerful analytical tool. These are simulated exercises played by well briefed individuals to test assumptions and illuminate a range of likely foreign policy outcomes that will constitute the real world conditions that must be mastered in the times ahead. John has designed, played and facilitated dozens of games for blue chip private sector banking and hedge fund clients as well as governments around the world.

 Previously, John has served in Senior Research Fellowships in think tanks in Washington, Germany and Holland. A life member of the US Council on Foreign Relations, he has written over 640 articles, participated in over 1520 interviews, and given over 510 speeches on foreign affairs topics around the world. His last three books (“Ethical Realism”, “The Godfather Doctrine”, and “To Begin the World over Again”, a biography of Lawrence of Arabia) have all been international best sellers. He has just finished writing the introduction for Lawrence of Arabia’s papers, to be published as the “27 Articles” in August 2017, and has also completed work on the highly anticipated “Drake’s Prayer; A History of Geopolitical Risk,” to be published by Princeton University Press late in 2017. For three and a half years John was the widely read Senior Columnist for City AM, the newspaper of the city of London, writing prolifically on foreign affairs and political risk.

Our Comment

"A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, John is a vital bridge thinker. He is a Washington insider who speaks ‘fluent European’ and, almost uniquely, an analyst who has mastered both political and economic briefs, and the seminal links between them. A prolific writer and broadcaster, he is a leading expert on global political risk issues and a natural performer."

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