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Brad DeLong

Berkeley, USA

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary to the US Treasury (1993-95)

Key architect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Bill Clinton’s 1993 budget

Author of acclaimed textbook "Macroeconomics" (2005) and international best-seller "The End of Influence" (2011)

Brad DeLong is a Professor of Economics, and renowned authority on the global economy, macroeconomics and international finance. From 1993 until 1995, Brad served in the US government as Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for the Clinton administration. He was a key architect of the 1993 budget, the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and was a vital advisor on macroeconomic policy.

Since 1997, Brad has been the resident Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley. Since joining, he has gone on to become editor of “The Economists’ Voice”, a magazine seeking to bridge the gap between op-ed pieces and scholarly journal articles, and the highly-regarded “Journal of Economic Persepctives”. In 2005, he published “Macroeconomics”, widely credited with revolutionising modern macroeconomic concepts, and now a core text for students of Economics.

In 2011, he wrote the internationally best-selling “The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have the Money” (Basic Books). Here, Brad explores the consequences the loss of power and capital will have for America’s place in the world, and outlines the far-reaching but rarely recognised consequences of the present financial crisis.

Our Comment

"With an impressive track record of thought leadership in both academia and public service, Brad is well-positioned to offer insight on economic policy, financial trends, paths to growth and the challenges faced by business in the current downturn. "

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