Collaboration is the key for Bill Bratton

Great to see Bill Bratton speaking at Policy Exchange, alongside Zach Tumin, the co-author of his book, Collaborate or Perish! (Crown Business, 2012). The two made a strong case for why leadership and a shared vision are key for any policy to be a success.

Although famous for his zero-tolerance approach in New York, Bill said the challenges he faced as Chief of Police in Los Angeles made his experience in New York “pale in comparison”.  When he arrived in LA in 2002, the city’s Mayor and previous Chief of Police had not spoken to each other in almost seven years so he had to build the relationship between City Hall and the police force from scratch. By working together with Mayor James Hahn towards a shared goal, he then able to focus on repairing the trust between the city’s residents and his officers.

As the UK prepares for elected police commissioners, this book should be a must-read for all candidates.

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