Bronwen Maddox: expert speaker on Afghanistan

Bronwen Maddox: expert speaker on AfghanistanBronwen Maddox is Editor of Prospect, the brilliant British current affairs magazine, and formerly Foreign Editor of The Times. Her commentary on global affairs is first class: streetwise, well travelled, sceptical. And as a former banker she knows how the markets work, and the interface between the global economy and its political schisms and anxieties. She’s written a fine piece in the September edition of Prospect on the UK’s failure in Afghanistan (so far 444 UK personnel have died, and 2,146 have been wounded), and posed 5 questions which she think ought to be asked by a parliamentary inquiry:

1 Did the Iraq war doom the Afghan conflict?

2 Why did the UK take on the role of quelling the narcotics trade

3 Why did the UK take on Helmand?

4 What has the conflict cost the UK?

5 What have we achieved in Afghanistan?

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PS: Prospect’s website well worth a visit – full of interesting things.


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